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The Inn Morimotoya, Itano, Tokushima |  in front of the fifth temple "Jizoji" of Shikoku Hachiju hakkasho meguri(88 temples pilgrimage in Shikoku).

Reception time  12:00~20:00

Irregular closed days

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The movement to be noticed in regional old houses reclamation project.

Old houses  aging and becoming vacant are built by columns, beams and joinery used  good materials grown in a rich environment.By repairing damaged parts one by one , we can keep old houses more than 100 years long.

The inn Morimoto-ya is also one of the reproduction of old houses.An old and unused ryokan ,which has been here for over 100 years was renewed as a guest house.

100 year-old beams are still used in a corridor and on the ceiling of the guest rooms.You can see the beams' strength and the history near by.

As an Ohenro inn, we would like to take over our history and also make good memories with our guests.


I am the owner of the inn Morimoto-ya which is  in front of the fifth temple.

This inn Morimoto-ya is an old fashoned inn and I am the fifth generation owner.

We don't have so many guest rooms, but we will do our utmost hospitality to everyone who stays here.

People sty at our inn not only for the pilgrimage but also for the events like Awa odori.

We are looking forward to your stay.

Everyday in Morimoto-ya

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Reception time  12:00~20:00

Irregular closed days

Feel free to ask questions , consultation and reservation.

60-1, Aza Nogaami, Rakan, Itano cho, Itano gun , Tokushima, Japan   Postal code 779-0114

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