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The Inn Morimotoya, Itano, Tokushima |  in front of the fifth temple "Jizoji" of Shikoku Hachiju hakkasho meguri(88 temples pilgrimage in Shikoku).

Reception time  12:00~20:00

Irregular closed days

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We are not a big inn like a ryokan or a hotel, but we have an unique countryside hospitality for your heart here. Without doing extra things, we would like to make you feel comfortable.

We are welcome our guests with the feelings of " Welcome back" and " Take care" like everyone's home.

Sometimes we do life counceling of our guests.

The clean room with 100 year-old beams.   The guests from foreign countries are also  pleased.

We always keep the room and common equipments clean in order to heal your tiredness of travel and to make yourself comfortable and relax.

We have a large bathroom and a washing and drying machine for  travelers of long journey

Listen carefully to the sound of the Water gills.

Good meal for your body

We value the understanding and  knowledge of the pilgrimage such as pick-up service and luggage storage.If you have any consultation, please feel free to ask us.

・Welcome greeting with a smile

・Clean rooms and equipment

・Free WiFi in  all rooms

・Laggage storage

Please consult us anything else.

We treat acupuncture and moxibustion.

There is an acupuncture moxacus massager with national qualification in this inn.So we  heal tired people who are doing Shikoku Prigrimage with acupuncture moxacus and massage.

We give you massage or acupuncture according to your symptoms.If you have a problem with your body even if it is not fatigue or muscle pain, please feel free to consult us.

Massage 10miutes  1000yen

Acupuncture   10minutes 5000yen


Reception time  12:00~20:00

Irregular closed days

Feel free to ask questions , consultation and reservation.

60-1, Aza Nogaami, Rakan, Itano cho, Itano gun , Tokushima, Japan   Postal code 779-0114

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